Neroli (Citrus Aurantium) Essential Oil

 The gloriously and highly fragrant, intense, “bitter sweet” citrus scent of the bitter orange flower is an absolute favourite  It wins hands down in both its scent and its actions for me. It is also universally popular also an addition to traditional eau de cologne and other perfumes.

This lovely oil is steam distilled from the fragrant white flowers of the bitter orange tree (also known as the Sour or Seville orange). The same tree also produces Peittgrain oil from the twigs and leaves and Bitter Orange oil from the fruit.

Neroli oil has a powerfully rejuvenating, soothing effect on various types of sensitive, fragile skin types, and anti-depressant, deeply calming actions on the emotions.

Price and Price describe it as a “lightly tranquilising and neurotonic essential oil useful for fatigue, to aid sleep and to redress sympathetic nervous system imbalance”.

The oil has three main uses:

  • To help ease muscular spasm, tension and discomfort.
  • To help lift states of anxiety, nervous  depression and sleeping problems.
  • Useful for fragile, sensitive skin types with broken veins, varicose veins and acne.

Recipes using Neroli essential oil:

For sensitive skin with broken veins:

Take 100ml Moisturising Lotion add 20 drops Lavender, 10 Geranium , 10 Cypress and 4 Neroli Regularly massage in after a bath or shower to help ease inflammation and to tighten the veins. (Do not have your water temperature too hot and alternate between warm and cool to help strengthen the circulation).

For insomnia and anxiety:

Mix 15ml  Moisturising Milk bath with 4 drops Lavender,4 Marojam and 2 Neroli Add the mixture to the bath once the water has run and mix around with the hands to disperse into the water.