Grapefruit is a versatile essential oil with a wonderfully refreshing citrus, green scent. The oil is yellow to orange/green in colour and is normally expressed from the peel of the ripe grapefruit although some companies do steam distill the oil too. The cold-pressed (expressed) oil is the highest quality but it does oxidise fairly rapidly.

The essential oil has 5 key properties:

  1. Grapefruit oil is useful for the nervous  system for different expressions of stress and anxiety. It can be used in  blends for depression, tension headaches, nervous exhaustion and irritable bowel syndrome.
  2. For the muscular skeletal system it helps ease stiffness and aches and pains by stimulating the release of lactic acid from the muscles that can build up during exercise. It can be particularly  useful for athletes and dancers when under pressure, training for particular competitions, who need to maintain levels of fitness and  muscular tone, and can be prone to aches and pains.
  3. For the digestive system it is a gentle  digestive aid and tonic, with a reputation for helping to reduce the  appetite and assisting with weight loss programmes.
  4. When the immune system is weak Grapefruit can be combined with other oils such as Bergamot, Geranium and Neroli to boost the emotions and boost the immune response-it is particularly useful if stress and fatigue have resulted in coughs, colds, flu or nervous exhaustion.
  5. The oil is also a powerful diuretic and stimulant of the lymphatic and circulatory systems , helping the body to rid itself of toxins and excess fluid. It is therefore useful for cellulite and cellulitis and any condition where toxins are not being eliminated effectively.

Ways to use Grapefruit Essential Oil

Tension Headaches

Try massaging the pulse points and back of the neck with this refreshing, uplifting and relaxing combination: 20ml Grapeseed Oil, 2 drops Neroli essential oil, 4 Grapefruit and 4 Lavender

DIY Lymphatic Drainage

For lymphatic drainage massage I always recommend the extremely gentle Vodder technique. You can also use the following oil blend to boost the benefits of the massage itself: 25ml Grapeseed Oil ,5ml Argan Oil, 6 drops Grapefruit, 6 Geranium and 3 Fennel Use 3 times a week to assist the body’s natural elimination of toxins, increase vitality and boost the immune system.

Inhalation to lift the spirits

Whilst we often consider using inhalation primarily to ease congestion or help fight infection – we often miss using it to lift our mood and ease emotional tension. Remember that a steam inhalation is the quickest way to breathe the oils into our blood stream – and that warmth is also relaxing! Try 5 drops of  Grapefruit 3  Frankincense  and 2 Jasmine