Chinese Year of the Wood Sheep 2015

February 18, 2015 at 3:47 pm PT is a new Moon in Aquarius that begins the month of the Earth Tiger and the year of the Wood Sheep. plus the Sun enters Pisces as Sheep year begins.

Sheep year is time for diplomacy, kindness, and healing. Of value in Sheep year is intimacy, family, and friendships. We can be more caring, gentle, and sensitive with each other. This is the year to develop a wild heart, open to love and acceptance on all levels.

Another theme of Sheep year is to express your creativity, artistic and spiritual development, and for cultivation of beauty. 2015 is a Wood Sheep year. Like fresh growth in springtime, a Wood year is time to grow, branch out, and explore.

Last year yang Horse 2014 was the time to go out and get.  Sheep is a yin, receptive animal so allow things to come to you.  Sheep’s approach is far more gentle. We can slow down and make plans  with the support of friends and family. The time for risk and daring will be yang Fire Monkey 2016. Monkey adventures have more chance of success if you strengthened your foundation in Sheep year.


RAT – Life is comfortable and you can find peace in relationships. So use this Sheep year to really get to know your loved ones. But launch your serious wedding or engagement plans in Monkey year 2016, your lucky year. Monkey 2016 is excellent for you to marry, start a business, or have a child.  The person born in a Rat year is clever, sharp, humorous, creative, industrious, curious,witty, optimistic, yet frugal.  The Rat individual is very observant,           quick to take action, and is popular in social circles. Rat can easily adapt to different environments and survive against all odds. Looking for love in Sheep year? Rat is most compatible with another Rat, Dragon, or Monkey. Ox is also compatible.

OX – Sheep year is fun so join the party and don’t work so hard this year! Just know that Sheep year energy can be superficial and frivolous at times, which is not your style. Steady, loyal, and  true Ox values honesty, integrity of character, and reward from hard work. Like an Ox ploughing the fields, Ox firmly perseveres and is not swayed by other people’s opinions. So stay true to your convictions, and give relationships more time to develop. Looking for love in Sheep year? Ox is most compatible with another Ox, Serpent, or Phoenix (Rooster). Rat is also compatible.

TIGER – Anticipate a quieter year to focus on home and family.  Relax, unwind, and enjoy life. As usual, your natural sociability attracts new admirers. But no need for a serious commitment if it  feels forced.  You Tiger are grand, daring, powerful, independent,           creative, and dynamic. You value freedom and don’t ever want to be caged in or held back. Looking for love in Sheep year? Tiger is most compatible with another Tiger, Horse, or Dog. Pig is also compatible.

RABBIT – This is your lucky year! Sheep is your best friend  who also lives for art and beauty. Now is your time to find love, or deepen love if you are in a partnership. Your gentle diplomatic  skills bring rewards in all kinds of relationships. You can be appreciated for who you really are. The person born in Rabbit year is even-tempered, well-mannered, amiable, friendly, sensitive, and artistic. Sheep year is an excellent time for you to marry, return to     school, start a business, or have a child.   Looking for love in Sheep year? Rabbit is most compatible with another Rabbit, Sheep, or Pig.  Dog is also compatible.

DRAGON – Popular Dragon often has a sea of admirers because Dragon is full of life, bravery, and intensity. Plus Dragon has strong karma to lead and succeed. In Sheep year your affairs run smoothly. You can get organized and enjoy social pleasantries. Should  a relationship become serious, make your grand gesture in your lucky year Monkey 2016. Monkey year is excellent for you to marry, start a business, move home, or have a child. Looking for love in Sheep year?  Dragon is most compatible with another Dragon, Rat, or Monkey. Phoenix (Rooster) is also compatible.

SNAKE – You and Sheep are on the same wavelength because you are both the creative artists of the Chinese zodiac. So this year  enjoy life with your charmed circle of insiders. Snake can very serious about love, so be discerning in your selection of a partner. If coupled, your partnership can deepen. Enticing Snake is creative, attractive, and talented. You can be very sociable when you want to be! And Sheep year is the time for being social. Looking for love in           Sheep year? Snake is most compatible with another Snake, Ox, or Phoenix (Rooster). Monkey is also compatible.

HORSE – Your good luck continues from the previous Horse year 2104. You’ll have many opportunities to meet new people, and have less stress in life because Sheep year is easier for you. Your positive energy and natural charm leads to success. Continue exploring relationships, but the time to get serious (if you get serious) is at the end of the year. Plus Sheep year is an excellent time for you to marry, return to school, or have a child. Looking for love in Sheep year? Horse is most compatible with another Horse, Dog, or Tiger. Sheep is also compatible.

SHEEP – Success! Sheep benefits from Sheep year creativity.  Finally, others are on your wavelength and progress is made. Travel  is highlighted as are relaxing vacations, and you Sheep will want luxuries. All the arts will flourish and creativity will flow, but  such refined beauty and elegance is expensive and debts may easily  accrue. Gather your energy in Sheep year because Fire Monkey 2016 will be a wild ride. Looking for love in Sheep year? Sheep is most compatible with another Sheep, Pig, or Rabbit. Horse is also compatible.

MONKEY – Romance is highlighted and you can use your natural Monkey charm to attract new admirers. You have strong leadership  potential and easily win the trust of others. You will like Sheep year because you will not be challenged. Your time to be serious will be Fire Monkey year 2016. So use this Sheep year as your time to organize your group, get grounded, and complete projects. Then launch your new ventures in 2016. Monkey year will be excellent for you to  get married, start a new business, travel the world, or have a child.   Looking for love in Sheep year? Monkey is most compatible with another Monkey, Rat, or Dragon. Snake is also compatible.

PHOENIX (Rooster) – Roster, Chicken, Cock, Hen? I call you Phoenix, offering a lifetime of opportunities to be reborn and  transformed. So look for positive energy in this Sheep year, a time of less stress and fewer challenges. Take your time with relationships,  and no need to make any kind of serious commitment just yet. Phoenix   takes pride in working hard and following the rules. But work and  rules are not priorities in a Sheep year, especially work. In Phoenix year 2017 you’ll start a new life cycle, your year that’s fortunate for marriage, children, and new endeavours Looking for love in Sheep year? Phoenix is most compatible with another Phoenix, Ox, or Snake. Dragon is also compatible.

DOG – Your luck continues from the previous Horse year 2014.   Sheep is a fortunate year for career, health, and romance. Direct and  frank, you Dog do not pay much attention to superficial details and have little patience for frivolity. Sheep year energy can be frivolous at times, so be less serious and demanding of others. And avoid the Dog pattern of rescuing people in distress. Make sure they can carry their own weight before you make a commitment. Looking for love in Sheep year? Dog is most compatible with another Dog, Tiger, or Horse. Rabbit is also compatible.

PIG – Sheep year is very fortunate for you! You can find love, or deepened the love you have. It’s OK to indulge in romance, and all seasons are lucky for you this year especially winter. Sheep year is  a festive time to eat, drink, and be merry — the favourite activities of Pig. You Pig are pleasant, optimistic, fun-loving, and don’t hide your emotions. Sensitive and caring, you go out of her way to please people and make them feel at home. These traits bring rewards in a  Sheep year. Now is an excellent year to marry, launch a business,  travel, or have a child. Looking for love in Sheep year? Pig is most  compatible with another Pig, Sheep, or Rabbit. Tiger is also compatible.