pisces star sign

Pisces February 19th – 20th March

Ruler: Neptune/Jupiter
Colour: Blue
Element: Water
Season: Winter
Essential oils: Bergamot, Jasmine and Frankincense

The Pisces Personality

The sign for Pisces shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, and this is symbolic of the Pisces nature. Pisces is a sign that is pulled in two directions and is always trying to balance. Pisceans sometimes appear fickle or unreliable because they can be very different characters from one day to the next and change their minds frequently. Pisceans are highly intuitive and emotionally intense. They switch easily between emotional highs and lows and they are easily affected by the emotions and moods of others. They are very sensitive to environments and need to be careful where they live and who they choose to spend their time with. Pisceans are kind hearted and will do anything to help people in need. In fact they tend to sacrifice their own needs over others and will do anything to avoid conflict or hurting someone’s feelings. They are sometimes gullible and can be easily deceived or used by people who take advantage of their kind nature. They may then become depressed and disillusioned if they feel someone has cheated them or betrayed their kindness. Pisceans have natural healing abilities, which often leads them into medicine, nursing or complementary therapies. Pisceans love to dream. They are very creative and artistic people and their imagination often runs wild. In fact, they may have a problem at times distinguishing fantasy from reality. They tend to go with their emotions and instincts rather than their rational and intellect. Because they often live in a dream world, they may be impractical or lazy. They may also lack confidence in themselves at times which leads them to be loners.

Pisceans love aromatic massages. They crave psychological warmth which can be brought on by oils such as Bergamot, Jasmine and Frankincense.

Bergamot has a citrus aroma that is both fruity and sweet, with a warm, spicy, floral quality. It is known as ‘nature’s prozac’ and is revered for its relaxing properties. Bergamot is a heart-warming essential oil and can help to gently relieve sadness, depression and grief.

Jasmine is  the best essential oil to inspire confidence because it is emotionally warming and uplifting. It has stimulating anti-depressant properties that can help those suffering from a lack of confidence, vacillation, indecision and lethargy.

Frankincense is a valuable essential oil to slow down and deepen the breathing, helping to allay fear, anxiety, nervous tension and stress. It is deeply calming, revitalising and uplifting.