Sept 23rd- Oct 22nd

Ruler: Venus
Colour: Green
Element: Air
Season: Spring
Essential Oils: Rose, Geranium  and Clary Sage

The Libra Personality

Librans are emotionally impulsive and just love being in love. In fact they can get quite depressed if they feel unwanted. They’re also known as ‘Lazy Libran’ because they don’t like to make decisions. They’re just happy to go with the flow. They’re fantastically beautiful. People will do anything for them. They’re affectionate and sympathetic and intensely interested in people. They love entertaining and lots of good food, which means they’re forever dieting. They’re also the world’s biggest spenders.

Aromatherapy perfume for Librans

10 drops Rose essential oil (reflects and enhances your natural warmth and loving personality)
10 drops Geranium essential oil (to help balance the emotions and the hormones)
4 drops  Clary Sage essential oil (to chill out and relax those perfectionist tendencies)
5 drops  Frankincense essential oil (to soothe feelings of irritation)
8 drops  Tangerine essential oil (for energy to manage the responsibility of work and home)
20 mls grain alcohol (vodka)
30 mls of  Rosewater (Hydrolat)

Add the essential oils to the grain alcohol. Place in a spray bottle or a cologne bottle and top up to 50ml with Rosewater.

Rose (rosa centifolia)
Rose essential oil, which is extracted from rose petals by distillation or solvents, is in my personal opinion beyond compare for treating stress related conditions, particularly depression and anxiety. It has a very gentle but strong, uplifting effect on the psyche and a balancing effect which can help individuals to “see problems in proportion”. Many aromatherapists believe that Rose can mimic the effect of hormones so it is often used to treat psychological problems linked to female bodily functions such menstruation or child birth, e.g. PMS or post natal depression.

 Geranium (pelargonium graveolens)
Geranium essential oil has a close affinity with the female system and is therefore a popular oil for the aromatherapy beginner as well as the professional. It helps to treat hormonally unbalanced skin, broken capillaries, blemishes and bruises and is a gentle insect repellent. It also works on the mind to ease grinding teeth, nervous tension, mood swings, irritability, anger and female rages, while soothing period-related pain and problems, settling the cycle after miscarriage or preparing the body to conceive. Geranium is emotionally soothing and has a fabulous scent that makes it ideal for room fragrancing.

Clary Sage (salvia sclarea)
Clary Sage essential oil has a euphoric effect which makes it a useful oil for treating stress-related nervous tension and fatigue. Some people find it helpful in the treatment of migraine and it can also reduce pain associated with back ache and muscle stiffness. The medicinal application of Clary Sage began prior to the birth of Christ. The Egyptians used it as a cure for infertility whilst the Greeks and Romans believed that it could prolong human life. It was one of the Anglo Saxons’ nine sacred herbs and by the sixteenth century it was grown in every medicinal herbal garden. It became known as ‘clear eye’ as it was believed to cure eyesight problems. Under the guise of its therapeutic properties it was often added to beer and wine, however it was possibly appreciated more for the fact that it enhanced the effect of alcohol, making weak beer seem more potent.